Earn extra cash on a monthly basis with each successful product referral made.


  • Active VMI account
  • Active PayPal account


  • 1-4 Successful referrals – 10% commission on overall purchase
  • 5+ Successful referrals – 20% commission on overall purchase

    Jill is an affiliate and made 4 successful $100 sales for the month of February. Jill receives $40 in March as her commission. 
    Jane is also an affiliate and made 6 successful $100 sales for the month of February. Jane receives $80 in March as her commission.
    Jane receives 10% for her first 4 successful sales and 20% from her 5th successful sale onward.


In order to successfully receive your referral commission the following guidelines must be met.

  1. You MUST be an active member of our community.
  2. Register an account here.
  3. Upon completion a unique affiliate code will be sent to the registered email address on file.
  4. This unique code should be provided to each referral in order to successfully claim your commission.
  5. Please open a support ticket here and provide your PayPal account details accordingly under the “Affiliate Inquiry” category.


All affiliate referral bonuses are paid out within the first business week of each new month for the previous month’s claim.


In instances where successful referrals have been made but your unique code was not successfully utilized. Please open a support ticket here with the following information: 

  1. Your account’s details
  2. Full Name of referral
  3. Order Number of referral’s purchase

Once submitted you will receive an email update concerning your submission within 48 business hours.